Amazing Pastries | V2 Development Contributions

Amazing Pastries | V2 Development Contributions

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Amazing Pastries Development Team:

Our full-time development team - the people who are actively working on the game on a daily basis.

Lead Developer: skylanderdat
Assistant Lead Developer: LegendOJ1

Lead Builder: skylanderdat
Lead Programmer: LegendOJ1
UI Design: LegendOJ1
3D Modelling: kollizhe
Animator: friedraice

Amazing Pastries Development Contributors

A list of people who have directly contributed to our development but are not a part of the development team full-time.

GFX Design / 3D Modelling: Norman748

Amazing Pastries Quality Assurance Team

Members in the Quality Assurance Team are responsible for finding and reporting bugs/glitches/mistakes in the game. For full requirements and information on how to join the QA team, please see the AP QA Information post.

Amazing Pastries Beta Testers

Beta Testers can be found in game with a yellow-green gradient badge above their head. These people played the game during the first week of release and helped test for bugs and glitches.