Ambience Experiment

Hello once again people of Robloxia! I, Animoun, have decided to experiment and be a wee bit wierd. I decided that today I’m going to try to create some weird ambience, and well, here we are.

Here’s the scene. It’s a hospital, well, it at least look likes one. More like a warehouse with parts of a hospital shoved onto it. None of the screens work, they’re all busted, shattered. The place seems like it was wreaked long before you ever came to exist.

Oddly enough, the lights still work, the ones that aren’t broken or flickering. So there must still be power. Even so, the harsh lighting has been replaced with a dark, crimson light, leaving everything at a tint of red.

It sounds like somethings going on outside the warehouse, but you can’t make it out. You can feel it’s presence. There’s tension, there’s a buildup, but no payoff.

Something horrible has happened out there.

Anyways, that’s enough spooky horror writing for now. Hope you all found something of substance here, hope you have a good day!

P.S. Points if you’re somehow able to stubble across the secret hidden in the audio file, it’s gonna need some messing around in order to find it though. ;>

It certainly is disturbing…
Good for horror. It gives me feeling of not wanting to stay there for long.
I do, however, have to say it is a bit repetitive, though that might be intended and might actually fit.

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Glad you like it, I can definitely understand how it does get repetitive. There are some slight changes you might be able to pick up, but it does drone out.

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