Currently, as a Roblox Developer, it is impossible to have objects have their own Ambient property.

If Roblox was to address this issue, through the proposed “AmbientModifier” Instance, developers would be able to assign a separate Ambient Color for either all of the parent’s descendants, or it’s direct parent - which would need to be a BasePart without the tick to affect all of it’s Descendants.


  • Players aren’t hidden in shadows
  • Player highlights - i.e, enemies could have a Red ambient, while team mates have a Green Ambient.
  • Highlighting pickups - such as quest items.
  • Highlighting questlines.

I support this and see some great ways developers can use this in their games! I always have to rely on the Ambient or OutdoorAmbient for my games’ atmosphere and lighting in an upcoming project or showcases and since it’s been the same for a couple of years, give or take, it’s really hard to have another alternative or fork something similar to this as having the plain dark Ambient make it easier for users to hide and be “scared” in games.

These use-cases are pretty brilliant and unique ways to catch some sneak users and have some sort of illumination for a lot of games such as mining, hide and seek and possibly Jailbreak at the moment.

^ Question: Will this be the same as the Ambient and OutdoorAmbient settings with the color and such, or flip on or off a button to Enable this? Would like to know some settings or configuration to operate it.

However, there are some workarounds that I’ve came up with such as objects as they might need some sort of light for a certain theme such as Sci-Fi with a PointLight or SurfaceLight. If I recall, a game or two back in 2013 ~ 2015 used such a way similar to a "AmbientModifier with making playing illuminate in the dark Ambient and objects kind of glowing or some sort of light source with them.