Ambrowiec | Marketing & Group manager

About Me

G’day! I am offering my services as a Marketing & Group manager. Thanks to my skills, many ROBLOX groups has grown a lot in a short time. I end my high school in a year and I would like to study for a bachelor’s degree in Administration/Management and I would love to earn more experience with ROBLOX groups.

Why me?

As your personal group manager I will take care of the following:

  • Advertising/Sponsoring/Recruiting campaigns. According to the stats I made, I can get up to 50 members daily.
  • Moderating both discord and Roblox communities.
    I respond to issues very fast.
  • ROBLOX moderation issues.
    I usually help people out if they are banned/game under review.
  • Development hiring.
    I can suggest a lot of creative ideas and find the best of the best.

Apart from that, I am very helpful and I charge a little in my opinion.


in gmt


15:00 - 20:00


10:00 - 21:00


2,50 USD pre-payment, 7,50 USD after work. (PayPal/Wire Transfer)
Prices are, of course, negotiable and you get a whole week of my time for 10 USD. This offer is limited to a maximum 2 groups.


On discord, I am mostly active: ambrowiec#0001
Email is also suggested:

Kind regards,