American | BLOXCruises Relationship Information

Exciting News!

American will be teaming up with the previously shut down BloxCruises to provide a cruise line subsidiary.

Why are we reopening?
BloxCruises has ended operations for over a year. This was very disappointing to some of our top fans and employees. We have determined that now is the time to reenter the cruise industry, and an agreement with American would be the perfect way to do so!

How is this relaunch going to operate?
We will be fully relaunching BloxCruises within the next 30 days. However our long term plan is to integrate a premium cruise line into the portfolio with BloxCruises to provide a luxury experience. Eventually cruises will be tagged as either CLASSIC or ENHANCED.

Classic Cruises

Classic cruises represent the former BloxCruises style voyages, with reform. We will be reforming staff, technology, and our look to provide a better end user experience.

Enhanced Cruises

Enhanced cruises will operate under a separate premium luxury cruise line owned by BloxCruises. These will be exclusive and will provide a higher level of premium service aboard.

Cruises may also be limited to VIP customers, in which they will be labeled as PREMIUM.

Will previous employees maintain employment?
We are looking at the end of the day to provide a refreshed feel for this group, and to do so this means retraining all staff. If previous staff at BloxCruises wish to pursue training to maintain employed, they may do so while bypassing the application process. However all employees must be retrained to the newest policies set.

How will American help?
As a partner, we will be able to work with American to provide FLIGHT->CRUISE service. This will benefit American customers by giving them something to look forward to after their flight. In addition, many of our high ranks at BloxCruises are employees at American so a relationship will be very easy to maintain.

As an added bonus for platinum members at BloxCruises, American will be providing complementary lounge access.

If you are looking to work for BloxCruises and/or eventually our premium cruise line, you must be trained. The first step is the approval process which involves you completing an application. Once you have passed the application process, you will be asked to set up a training where you will be trained to perform your duties. Once you are properly trained, you will be ranked in the BloxCruises Group.

It is important to consider that you should do your very best on the application process as applications will be screened for content and grammar.

Port/Sea Employee - Hiring Information: EXCLUDES SECURITY
You are required to join the BloxCruises standard group and complete an application at the BloxCruises Application Center

You are asked to purchase a uniform among training and employment. The uniforms for standard employees consist of a polo shirt from the BloxCruises group store, and a pair of khaki pants.

Security/Detention Employees
All security services are provided by the BLOX Department of Corrections. Security is responsible for operating metal detectors & scanners at ports, as well as ensuring all rules are followed. All security officers will also be trained for operating the BLOX Correctional Center. As a security officer, you must be prepared to either work at the cruise, or at the correctional center. You must also have 2 sets of uniforms to be prepared for both jobs.

As a security officer, you must join BOTH the BloxCruises standard group and the BLOX Department of Corrections. Your uniforms required are listed below, and must be worn for training and daily operations:

Detention Shirt
Detention Pants
Security Shirt
Security Pants

Security officers must also apply at the BLOX Department of Corrections application center. This requires joining the BDOC group.


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