Amount of Awake Parts

Hello, hope you are feeling really well today. What’s a proper amount of awake parts we can have in the game and when is dangerous?
So I used workspace:GetNumAwakeParts() and I had around 495 parts, is this really bad? If not, can someone please give me an estimate of how many awake parts will be dangerous?

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I can’t attest to an upper limit, but I do believe that 495 parts shouldn’t cause any issues in most cases. That said, it is worth your time to try and reduce the number so you can add more in the future.

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No it isn’t bad, there’s obviously some issue and support if the number exceeds over 2-3K awake parts, depending on the host.

By host, I mean the device and platform being used. 495 parts is great on mobile but anything above 2K can cause some lag. Don’t use a lot of unions as well, even though 495 is an ideal number, unions cause great damage and lag.


My game has thousands (I will count the number) of unions, I set RenderFidelity to Automatic, but idk how should I fix the issue with it. All my game trees and items are made out of unions.

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Would meshes be better rather than meshes then?

that’s very risky, have you tested your game from studio? there’s a feature that allows you to test from different devices so try that.

try removing unneeded unions as well, stuff that can be easily replaced by parts or removed in general. this affects performance

meshes are definitely better than unions if that’s what you’re insinuating!

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I have 1999 Unions in total, does every union affects the game? (Most of them are repeated)

Yes, if it’s possible do try removing a lot of unions since that amount is extremely bad performance wise.

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