Amusement Island Information


Hello and welcome to Amusement Island! We hope you enjoy our game as much as we do, and below there is information and changelogs.

Amusement Island is a funfair game, the successor to Fair Paradise by PCHDB. With over 50 rides, we are one of Roblox’s biggest funfairs, and we pride ourselves on this.

Got an issue?

We will happily talk to you about your concerns, issues and feedback. We always try to act on your feedback and bug reports so we can constantly improve the game for you all to enjoy. If the issue is someone, then please report them through the Roblox system. Anyone caught by our moderators will have action taken on accordingly, however we can only ban people from our games, and not from the whole of Roblox!

We have a bug report system built into our game, to allow you to report your feedback and report any issues you experience, so we can make the game better each day!


The rules that apply to Amusement Island are part of the Blocky Studioz policy, and do not differ from them. The same action will be taken if they are broken - Find them here.


You can find our changelog in the game! All dates are displayed in UK format (DD/MM/YY)

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