An alternative to humanoids for animating viewmodels

I created an inventory system where the player pushes a number and a weapon and its viewmodel would appear in the camera. When another weapon is equipped, the old viewmodel gets destroyed and a new one is created. The problem here is that when players switch back and forth between weapons very quickly, the viewmodel ends up flinging them out the map. I am using a humanoid to animate the viewmodels and I’m certain that the humanoids are the reason why the players are flung. However, when I delete the humanoids, the arms returns to their old blocky and rough textures. How can I make the viewmodels keep their smooth textures while using something other than humanoids?


I find that putting the humanoid model in an isolated collision group with all collisions disabled solves some of the finnicky humanoid physics interactions

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might be a bit time consuming, but there is a way to animate without humanoids:
make it so that the arms use their respective meshes (ex: right arm uses the meshid rbxasset://fonts/rightarm.mesh and left arm uses the meshid rbxasset://fonts/leftarm.mesh).
there is a way to get the poses from an animation via keyframes, which you could use to apply to the joints in your viewmodel. please note that the viewmodels should not have collision, otherwise the problem youve explained will occur.
i hope this information helps