An easy way to track game credits and possible remunerate contributors

For my most current game, I’m maintaining a module script that basically just has a single function that returns a string that contains all my game credits. I’ll eventually display this somewhere in my game.

It looks like this:

local credits = [["


ProfileService - loleris

DialogTrees - Sol_ttu



Everything Else


Scripting Help



Corlanius - Torches

megaman6974 - Builderman vs Telamon Arcade Game


I’m a savage free model using junkie, so my game includes a lot of stuff I grabbed from the Studio Toolbox. However, it is really annoying to update my credits file every time I grab something, especially since 90% of the time, I grab something and end up not using it.

Since Studio already is tracking what models I insert and don’t delete into my game to improve the toolbox sort, it would be cool if I could get a list of these assets/creators to use in my credits file. does something like this and I think it’s cool.

It would also be cool if I could define percentages on all these contributors and have them magically get x% of the revenue of my game, since I don’t mind kicking back some robux if it’s easy, but there’s no way I’m going to manually do it using the group game interface one at a time. But it would obviously be good for Roblox if there were a bunch of talented modelers who could make money on the platform without having to build an entire game.

Also it just seems… nice?