An IlluminatePart property for PointLights

I think it’d be helpful if we had a property for PointLights which allowed us to illuminate an entire part in addition to illuminating stuff within a range. It’s kind of hard for me to explain it, so here are some illustrations:

blue = part, red = light.

What prompted to post this was the fact that the brightness of a light seems to decrease as range decreases, so in order to get lights as bright as they need to be with small parts, they need to have a massive range - which caused some colorization issues when working with custom particles that were really close together. Having this option would allow for easy illumination of entire blocks without having to cast light in a massive radius around it.

sounds neat, but will have a small performance drop, especially on non-cuboidal parts, this sounds like a great idea, but because of the performance, have it default to false, and name it something like IlluminatePartSurface, something more descriptive

As an optional feature for light objects, yes, this would be great. I sometimes want my parts to appear to glow without having a real bright/long range light.

So if I understand correctly, you want a way to make a part very bright without having to make a large surrounding area equally bright?

If so then I think a better solution than chaining such a nice thing down to lights would be to add a way to outright make parts self-illuminated (basically a couple of properties to allow you to set a part’s local brightness independent of the global brightness).

Put surfaceguis with frames on all sides of the brick.

I think OP is asking for the light to radiate from the entire surface of the part rather than the center of the part.

Not a viable solution if you don’t want performance drops.