An odd chat bug in-game

Disclaimer: This bug has probably already been fixed, but I would like to show an example.

2 days ago when I was playing Jailbreak, I was chatting with my friends, when I noticed that my messages weren’t going through. At first I thought it was the game, but then when a server announcement appreared, the chat started going behind the server announcments.

Here is a short video displaying the problem:

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delete it all-together

Please follow the process mentioned in the New Member FAQ to post in the bug report categories. Engineers won’t look in the Inception Forum category for bug reports.

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I said it might be fixed

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"might: Read above

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I changed the section

Scripting Support isn’t the correct category for this type of post either, as you’re not following the guidelines of the category. Reach out to the Lead Top Contributor group if you need further help with posting.