An off-topic section

Seriously, we need an off topic section.

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I believe Regulars have one, though I don’t know if its changed or not

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Awww that’s not fair! What are the requirements?

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This already exists in lounge.


Besides, lounge is a legacy category. Just go to a discord server if you want off topic discussion. This is the developer forum, not a new Roblox forum. :man_shrugging:


Currently closed afaik, don’t know when they’ll reopen. I think its forced to Regulars because of what happened with the Roblox Forum

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Oh. Why don’t they bring it back?

It does exist, just not for Members.


What happened with the dev forum?

Roblox Forum, not devforum. From what I’m aware, everyone kept shitposting and some people spammed the living hell out of it, so Roblox just closed it down

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Why not for members? did an incident occur?

Oh, I’m talking about the DevForum lol.

I feel like the only reason its not for members is because of the Forum. Just might be my thoughts though

Two words: “Development Discussion”.

That place is an absolute disaster. Members treat it as off-topic most of the time, which should not be the case in a DEVELOPER forum.


Yeah, that’s probably gonna get the devforum shut down too.

Doubt it’d get the whole forum shut down, probably just Dev Discussion getting locked to Regulars if anything

yeah, probably. As a member myself, who doesn’t abuse development discussion, that wouldn’t be fair for the members who don’t abuse it too. Also, what are the requirements for regular?

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Promotions are on hold for over half a year now. It is disappointing, but there is probably an internal reason behind it.

Even I as a regular would support the deprecation of lounge. I have my casual non-development discussion on Discord, and I even have Lounge muted.


Wasn’t it shut down due to discourse not having post-approval anymore? Either way, DD is really a dump. I am trying to get a harsher punishment for people who post spam/off-topic threads though.


I’m sorry what? Somebody posted CP on the devforums?
also if somebody wanted to do that then not having an off topic section won’t stop them

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