An off-topic section

No, this is a Developer Forum not a public forum, we don’t need trash posts, and mostly developers use this forum for the reason of development not to start trash discussion of who knows what topics.

If you’re competent enough to see this is a Developer Forum, not a public forum, I’d suggest you use other communication platforms to talk about whatever topic, here in the Developer Forum, it’s a forum for developers not for the Roblox public community.

I’m honestly disappointed in how many users fail to see this is a Developer Forum not a public forum…

Redirecting an already existing problem (and is a bad problem) from the current categories to another one will make that offtopic category an even worse problem that wastes moderation resources. People who aren’t developers will see there’s basically a Roblox forum here and start using it stupidly.

To summarize, no we don’t.

There are two options for what you want. One of which already exists and is locked to regulars, and one of which used to exist but was closed down due to mods not being able to keep up with it (the old Roblox website forum)

Your only choice right now is use discord servers, subreddits, or even just creating your own website/forum.

Seriously, we don’t need an off topic section.

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