An Out of this World Project

Hi! Name’s SonicCool100 (unfortunately) and I’m currently working on a little game called Battle for Mezitor.

It’s currently really early in production, only having two stages barely done and a couple of characters.

Here are the main three protagonists:

Here’s Sha, Za, and Von (From left to right)

They will have different gameplay styles with Sha being a top down shooter, Za being platforming / beat em’ up and Von being 2D. The gameplay would be fast-paced, involving quick reflexes and on the-fly-decision making. The game would feature a character select screen, in which you can choose either of the three, and see the story unfold through their point of view

You’ll face a variety of enemies, from small, energetic, armored monsters,

to slick, speedy winged ones.

(there will be more).

I modeled almost every mesh you see here (excluding Za’s tail, still working on fixing that!)

The levels will have a wide variety of themes, from a grape jungle

to a prison aboard a ship.

There will also be unlockable skins, and zero microtransactions. (Maybe aside from some expansions or something along those lines)

I would like some feedback! I really want to know what other people think of this project I’ve been working on for some years now.

(Extra Images)

This might take a while to finish, but hopefully this comes out interesting. :slight_smile:

(I wouldn’t expect a masterpiece, since this is a first time thing for me)


youve been working on it for some years but only managed to make three characters?


Yeah, all these years motivation was kinda low, but it came back again! I don’t know what sparked it, but I’m glad it’s there. (I also spent the majority of those years practicing modeling and such)

Here’s the first ever models of the main protagonists, to see how far they’ve come


so is this gonna be some sort of 3d platformer?

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also this guy scares me



Well, as stated in the post above, there will be three main gameplay styles

3D platforming is one of them

2D platforming is the other

And a top down shooter is the third

(also lol)


oh so one gameplay mechanic for all three protagonists, interesting…


I plan on making them as interesting and enjoyable as they possibly can be

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wait if i was right about the gameplay style for each character which character is gonna be in the 2d because they all appear to have uh width height and depth aka 3d

The green guy (Von) would be 2D

For more info, I advise you read the post above.

also are you gonna be scripting this game by yourself

That’s my biggest roadblock.

I plan on learning how to use Lua and such, but I can’t find the time (and motivation) to do so

But I will do it someday


In the meantime I’ve been creating assets and coming up with concepts

dude its now or neve; if you really care about this project then youll learn lua for it if you dont well maybe you should re think some things :blush:

good luck man, godspeed


Yeah man, thanks!

I’ll definitely push myself to get a hang on this scripting thing


I have no idea what this is but, this is epic. I like the designs for the characters.



This is my biggest project yet, and I’m excited to get this train rolling!

This is a cool game, and I can’t wait to play. The characters are really cool. The concepts for each character are unique, like the 2d play style. Good work.

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I love the modeling of the characters! I was just wondering, did you texture the pupils of the eyes or are they a separate brick?

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The characters look very wacky, in a good way. This seems like one of those cartoony games that you can’t stop playing.


Yeah, they’re a texture on the eye

(Except for the green one, those are bricks, well, textures on bricks)