An #updates:applications subforum

Currently, I think it’s a bit of a time-consuming hassle having to search for application topics published by Roblox administrators in the #updates forum category or using the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner, as such topics tend to sink down and get lost with a bunch of other topics.

So, I think it would be quite convenient if there was a new subforum introduced just for application announcement topics to be placed in, just to get rid of that stressful search time.

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I’m assuming by ‘application topics’ you mean like the recent topic in announcements “University Ambassador Program”, posts like this should probably just use the existing #updates:community category (which surprises me as Roblox are not using it) as these sort of applications are rare enough to not suggest a whole new category. Perhaps a better solution would be to create a staff-only tag for roblox-applications that each application post could be tagged with.

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Hey, thanks for your suggestion. I’m not 100% sure I follow, would you mind elaborating on what your painpoints are?

What are you looking for and what are the current steps you take to find that content?

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I think it would be quite convenient if topics such as:

these were to be placed in an all new subforum in the #updates forum category. In the new subforum, there should only be topics relating to applications such as the ones listed above.

This would make navigation to application topics a whole lot easier as application topics posted in #updates:announcements for example, tend to easily get pushed down the list of topics there due to new topics being posted frequently and because of pre-existing topics getting bumped up the list thanks to new comments .

It’s just for convenience, to reduce the time it takes to search for such topics. Having this organization would be quite useful in my opinion as I don’t want to scroll long to find such topics.

TL;DR I’m a lazy person that likes organization. I want to see application topics being listed/posted at a single place that just has application topics.