Angel | Public Handbook

Angel | Public Handbook

Group Link: angеl - Roblox

Angel is a gameshow group, as well as a clothing group dedicated to giving our community the best and spectacular services that we’re able to offer. As we revolve around clothing, we like to give original, sufficient, and exquisite designs that we are able to provide. As for gameshows, we have a wide variety of games that we have opened towards the ROBLOX platform and we hope that you are all able to enjoy them as much as we do. We encourage you to join the group and our communications server which can be found within the group description. Please ensure you read the glossary as it is quite vital!

Code of Conduct

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is not to be used anywhere within our premises.

Homophobic, racial and any other type of slurs should NOT be used at any times. If you are caught using slurs you will be immediately warned, mute and then banned.

Spamming within any of our communications server channels will result in a mute and a warning.

You should NOT be advertising within our games or our communications server. If you are caught advertising you will be immediately banned without any warnings.

Profanity is allowed at the minimum within the communications server, however, it should not be used within any of our games as we ask you to abide by ROBLOX’s ToS.

You are required to respect all of our staff members, as well as our community members at all times.

You should not be impersonating staff under any circumstances. If you are caught pretending to be one of our staff members you will be immediately banned from all of our premesis’.

Drama including arguments within our general chat is prohibited. You should not be causing any problems within angel. If you have issues, this should be taken to DMs where it is out of the way of angel.

Staff Roles


Owner - The owner of the group.

President - The secondary owner of the group, they overseer departments.

Vice President - The third owner of the group, they overseer departments.

Presidential Assistant - Presidential Assistants are there to lead the Human Resources, Communications, Moderation, and Hosting departments for the High Ranks and other staffing categories.


Executive - Executives are there to make decisions on behalf of the Executive Board and they are normally the Assistant Leads of departments.

Senior Administrator - Administrator - Senior Administrator’s and Administrator’s are there to ensure that everything is running smoothly within angel. They deal with hosting, moderation communications, and human resources.


Senior Host - Senior Hosts are required to host gameshows and focus on what the HRs do as they are one step away from becoming one themself.

Gameshow Host - Gameshow Hosts are required to host gameshows weekly and must keep up their activity in order to provide gameshows to our community.

Junior Host - Junior Hosts are new additions to the team who were recently promoted from their internship. They will have to host seasons and gain a better understanding to become a Gameshow Host.

Intern - Interns are new additions to the team who have just passed their applications. They must learn how to use all of angel’s resources before becoming a Junior Host.


Contractor - Contractors are the Developers who work within financial development, game development, and server development.

Senior Designer - Senior Designers are designers who are more experienced who work with more advanced designs.

Designer - Designers are staff who have passed their trials from being a Junior Designer and who have a sense of angel style.

Junior Designer - Junior Designers are new members of the team who recently passed their applications and are on their way to become a proper Designer.

Ban Appeals

If you have been banned from any of our games/communications server, you may contact someone of the Moderation Department. If you wish to create an appeal, you will need to fill out the following information and send this towards someone who is a Moderator, Senior Moderator or Moderation Administrator within our communications server.

1 | What is your ROBLOX username?

2 | What have you been banned from?

3 | Why have you been banned?

4 | Why should we unban you?

5 | How can you prevent this occurrence from happening again?

6 | Do you agree to abide by all of our terms and guidelines from this point forward?

7 | Do you understand that the modertion department is able to decline your request? (Yes/No)

8 | Do you have any questions and/or concerns?

Wins System

Godly - 60+ Wins
Prestigious - 50+ Wins
Everlasting - 40+ Wins
Champion - 30+ Wins
Legendary - 20+ Wins
Super Star - 15+ Wins
Enlightened - 10+ Wins
Prominent - 5+ Wins
Winner - 1+ Win

Our staff will rank you once we view that you have the required amount of wins, if you are not in the group, you will not be applicable to be ranked.

We thank you for taking an interest in angel, if you have any questions and/or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members.

Yours Truly,
angel | Communications Team