Angelate 2.13 Update Logs

Hello again! This update is rather small this time, hence the quick release, but as always thanks to Fewkz and here’s the info:
(Also for those of you using the DevForum, am I posting bulletin board posts too often? Should I be updating one general post instead?)

9 / 14 / 20 v2.13: Big Bucks

  • UI dragging while building has been removed, you now have to go to Settings -> UI Positions to change the positions of your UI. (Click on the blue boxes and move it to the new position, then click again to lock its position. Click the box in the top right when you are done.)
  • UI positions now save with Set As Preferences
  • New drop shadow setting! You start with 7 default themes.
  • You can buy 9 themes in the Hub in Shop.
  • Added a Halos section to hub, you can spend robux on Halos here.
  • !donate
  • !halos (Shows how many halos you have while in a world)
  • New hat found in kitt city owned by maybeNotKitt (5414134452)