Angelate 2.14 Update Logs

Hi guys! I’m sorry for the long wait with 2.14. But it’s finally here! Say hello to the Halloween Event, and 12 new hats for the event! I’m just here to let you know that 6 of these hats are obtainable through worlds and the other 6 are crate exclusives. You will receive 3,000 halos for every hat you earn in worlds, so use those Halos to buy the exclusive Halloween crates!

Here’s the update logs:

10 / 12 / 20 v2.14: The Power Of Clicking

The following commands have been added:

  • !clicktele (+!ez)
  • !clickmtele (+!ez)
  • !clickstattele (+!ez)
  • !beam, !beam (width|color|light|transparency|offset|curve|save)

The following crates have been added:

  • Halloween

The following hats have been reworked:

  • Toy Knife
  • Arcade Cabinet
  • Pearl
  • Angelate Phone

The following hats have been added:

  • Seal (Uncommon)
  • Upside Down Lightbulb (Rare)
  • Angelic Egg Statue (Legendary)
  • 12 Halloween hats, can you get them all…?

The following gradient has been added: 2020 Halloween

The following shape has been removed: Static Sphere

The following changes have been made:

  • The physical world select hub has been updated (when you press V to hide GUI) to be spooky
  • New setting: UIPositions → Reset. Resets positions
  • Halloween crates are GUARANTEED to give you a Halloween crate hat you do not own. (There are 6). If you attempt to open a crate with all hats obtained, it will not open. (You won’t get a refund because we’ll be re-releasing this crate next year)
  • ez has been added for !movable autorespawn and respawn