[AngularVelocity] Spinner with simple kill script kills to early. How to fix?

Everyting in title.
Spinner with simple kill script, which just change humanoid health to 0, kills to early.

I don’t think it’s ping problem, because i make it localy.
How to fix, but still using constraints?

I tried make it with spin script, but as i said, i want fix it without deleting constraints.

Try having the kill script in another spinning part that’s a bit smaller on the sides, in the exact same position.

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not understood.
you mean copy of this part should be smaller on a half, than original?

Kinda. Clone the part and make an invisible version smaller in width that actually has the kill script, so then when they hit the real one they die.

oki, i made it and it somehow works.
so… thanks i think

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