Anielle | Alliance Application

‣ Partnering Details

The Public Relations Department is delighted to hear your interest in partnering with Anielle, please ensure that you have met all essential requirements and carefully read all information below as this will deem you a qualified affiliate. Once again, we appreciate your cooperation and wish you luck in applying!

‣ Group Requirements

• ROBLOX Group must consist of 30+ members. (Non-Botted.)
• Discord server must consist of 50+ members. (This does not include bots.)
• Your group should be able to display professionalism and activity mainly in the discord server and within the ROBLOX if you have a released main game.

The Public Relations Department once again wishes you luck in applying, we hope to see your group partnered with us!

‣ Questions

[1] What is the name of your group?

[2] Provide links of both your discord and ROBLOX group.

[3] How could your group benefit Anielle?

[4] Why is your group interested in forming a partnership with Anielle?

[5] Who are the two representatives that will be representing your group?

Once completed, DM your application to a member of our Public Relations Department.