Animating a rig and a mesh at the same time?

I noticed MoonAnimator doesn’t support bones yet, how would I animate a rig and a mesh at the same time?

You’d have to wait until MoonAnimator supports it, or you could use MoonAnimator for one animation, and classic animation editor for another.

How would I get them to play at the same time?

like how you would normally?

Are you just playing an animation and recording it in studio, or are you actually making a game, and scripting it so the animations play, and recording the game?

If you’re just recording studio, you’re out of luck.

I’m trying to animate still rings on Roblox, which means I’d need to make sure the animations of the rings and the player play at the same time or it would look weird. I’m implementing it in-game, but it’d be harder to try and guess when the animations would line up and keep testing it in-game.

you can see the animation time on both, play them at the same time in the code, but have it so on one the animation doesn’t change anything until a certain point.

Yea, I just prefer not to do it that way though since it would still have the issue of the animation not lining up correctly (certain body parts must connect to the ropes, the body part cannot correctly align with it unless I revise it several times).