Animating an AK Reload

trying to animate a reload for the akm in one of my upcoming projects, but sometimes the magazine that is pushed out follows the players camera since its animated, im wondering if there is another solution to make this type of reload.
Here are some videos of the reload
Any Help is appreciated!


This is awesome! But a part of the animation doesn’t look real clean. The last part when you pull your hand back, it just goes to fast.

When the mag comes out, make it it’s own part and unanchor it so it drops on the floor


yes. I agree. It should fall on the floor so it looks more realistic. Make it disapear after 4 seconds or something.


So how do I perfect the force after its pushed out, try using body velocity but it doesn’t seem to work how I wanted it to

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hm. I was thinking the same thing but I’m not very good at animating. To be honest I don’t really know.

maybe…One of the legacy body movers? Im not sure which one to be exact.

Oh. I know why. You cant use body velocity because it only effects the humanoid of the person. Not the part. Just unanchor it because it will just stay where it gets pushed out even though you move your camera.

I’ve tried that, but when i move forward, I move faster than the speed of it getting pushed out

looks good however it looks like you just took the empty mag and put it back in try making the new mag look a bit different like making it come from a different axis.

actually, the new magazine is the old magazine, but when the animation plays, it puts the old magazine behind the player which is supposed to be the new one, clones the magazine and placed it where is was at first, so the old magazine pushes out the clone and is placed back where it was first intended to be.

Oh, I get it.
but still, I think there should be a clear message to the player that this is a new magazine.

Oh, i like when i actually can see the magazine…, i just think the fov is too far, but the animation looks pretty cool buddy!