Animating stuff exploding


So to my knowledge, a lot of games which have explosions as part of a set piece will use the physics engine to record a bunch of stuff exploding, and then in game play back this recording rather than using the physics engine on the fly in order to save CPU.

I want to do this in Roblox, as having everything I want to blow up run on physics during gameplay would be too unreliable and demanding, but whats the best way to do it? I know it could theoretically be done by code by creating a table of parts and positions, then interpolating between these points and setting the CFrame for each part every frame, but this seems horribly inefficient to do in Lua. Can it be done via the Roblox animation engine?


An animation track is a bunch of Poses with CFrame. It would be fairly straightforward to run a stepped loop on the debris and transcribe the animation into Poses as long as you determine a shared origin reference for the root part of the Animator and your stepped connection.

To publish an animation track, you’ll need a KeyframeSequence object with nested Keyframes and then nested Poses

You should be able to reverse engineer what youll need to upload by looking at what the AnimationEditor will export.