Animation Behaviour Question

Alright I will try to explain my question as clearly as possible. I have not been able to get on my computer so I cannot check this myself.

Let’s say you play an animation which rotates the character’s right arm upwards from default position.

Once this animation ends it immediately plays an animation which rotates the character’s right arm from default position to the right.

My question is does the second animation cause the players right arm to clip back to default position when it starts playing or does it do the animation so that it starts from the position that the right arm was at at the end of the first animation?

If you want to do an splitted animation you can copy all the last keyframes from the first animation and paste them in the timeline 0 of the next animation so it begins there to continue it.

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The 2nd animation would not reset to the default position if you copied the last position the arms were in from the last animation to the first frame of this animation and then continued from there.

But it would if I didn’t?

I’m not sure. iirc the default overrides the final position of the previous animation unless you set it again, but I could very well be wrong.

When an animation ends the character will reset to it’s original state.

It won’t clip back into default permission if you have the other arm unchecked in the 1st animation and in the “Animation Editor”. After that your question will be answered.

(The only reason I know this because I actually did this with my dual pistols in my game.)

Could you link me your game or send a gif so I can check it out? Thanks in advance.

Here you go-