Animation editor bug

when I view an animation in the animation editor it looks like this
but when it plays in studio it looks like this:

how do I fix this?

maybe different rigs? when you’re animate, you animate with a rig, and when you play, you use another rig?
i think

It appears that another animation is blending in when the run animation ends try setting the run and walk with the animation.

the priority is action which is the highest so it shouldn’t be blending and every part in the rig has a track.

Are you replacing the Animate script inside of the character or are you using a custom walk animation script?

In the case that you are using a custom script with the function Humanoid.Running
the script might be overlapping the animation due to the Humanoid.Running function sometimes detecting a small change in player speed.

In the case that you are using the default Animate script try putting the weight of the animation to movement.

the problem is the animation gets screwed up when you export because when i preview the animation on the site it’s messed up too

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