Animation Editor errors should be more specific

Pardon if there is an easy way around this, or if it actually is more specific, or if this was posted already but searching yielded no results. I also do not specialize in animation, so I am assuming this is actually how it works.

As a Roblox developer, it is extremely difficult to fix any rigging errors.

Right now I have a dragon that I rigged. It is made up of quite a few parts, and when I went to go animate it…


Cool, but which part is welded twice?

Also if you happen to miss a Part0/Part1 you also get an error with no description.


The animation editor simply needs to tell me where in my rig did I go wrong, the current error is not helpful. It also takes up an unnecessary amount of space for an error message that gives absolutely no information about what is wrong

If this is added it will improve my experience when animating, as I know exactly what to fix.