Animation Editor Phantom Poses

While working with the editor recently I’ve found random poses pop up in in the animation, but they’re not visible on the timeline. Moving something and using undo makes these poses visible which allows me to delete them, but sometimes they still appear when playing the animation and using the undo trick reveals them again. Saving and reloading the animation also makes these poses visible, but deleting them still has no effect.

Here’s a model that’s consistently producing this problem. HorseRider.rbxm (190.9 KB) Load the ‘HorseCarry’ animation and you should find there’s 2 poses on Torso_B between the first and last keyframes that mess the whole thing up. The issue might be easier to describe with a video

Also I keep finding stray ProxyPart welds in my model which is particularly annoying when I reload the place file and all the part1s to them are nil and the editor errors and makes me remove them all. At least it’s kind enough to select the problem motor for me…