Animation Editor Preventing Me From Importing Animations

Hello all,

Today I was importing and exporting animations with the Blender plugin, and I had come across an error with the Default Animation Editor.

The issue is that I cannot import animations at all. I have to reopen studio for it to let me do this. This has not been an issue in the past, and this only started occurring yesterday.

The Blender Plugin is known for breaking studio, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a plugin problem. I just want to verify this and find the absolute cause of this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Things to note:

These are not custom rigs, and the importing problem happens with all types of rigs until I reopen studio.
This has not happened in the past.

^ Plugin Link

Below is the code that appears in the output box.

  17:29:46.512  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  17:29:46.512  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Libs.Cryo.Dictionary.join', Line 18 - function join  -  Studio
  17:29:46.512  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Core.Util.makeTheme', Line 354  -  Studio
  17:29:46.512  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Core.Components.ToolboxServiceWrapper', Line 41 - function render  -  Studio
  17:29:46.512  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Libs.Roact.Component', Line 330 - function __mount  -  Studio
  17:29:46.512  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Libs.Roact.createReconciler', Line 363 - function mountVirtualNode  -  Studio
  17:29:46.512  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Libs.Roact.createReconciler', Line 399 - function mountVirtualTree  -  Studio
  17:29:46.513  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Bin.main', Line 258 - function DEPRECATED_createMonolithicAssetConfig  -  Studio
  17:29:46.513  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Bin.main', Line 307 - function createAssetConfig  -  Studio
  17:29:46.513  Script 'builtin_Toolbox.rbxm.Toolbox.Bin.main', Line 397  -  Studio
  17:29:46.513  Stack End  -  Studio```

What version of Blender do you use?

Well I can’t help you to solve the problem, (other than reinstalling studio) but I have a work-around for the issue.
If you want to edit a blender exported animation in studio. Do this.

  • paste the animation data from blender into the roblox blender animation plugin.
  • click upload animation to roblox
  • after that 2 things should happen (first a roblox animation object with a blue square icon will be added to your workspace. Second a roblox animation upload window should pop-up) or your plug-in is broken and hence reinstalling is the only option.
  • close the upload animation window and insert a empty model into your workspace, this can be done by grouping a part and then removing all the children of the newly created model or just insert a empty model from insert object panel.
  • now rename the model to AnimSaves exactly, and insert the blue icon animation object that was created by the plugin inside that model.
  • add a new rig to your workspace and place the model we just created inside the rig model.
  • now open roblox animation editor select the rig we just created and you should be able to edit your animation in studio.

Let me if you need any help on the above.