Animation editor starts the game so it cant be stopped or paused then freezes in Roblox Studio

I recently made an animation using the animation editor by roblox. When i was done with the animation, i started it to preview it. Then the game started and Everything got chaotic. I removed the animation editor but the game just continued to play in roblox studio. Also, the test button said that the game wasnt being tested, so i couldnt do anything to turn it off. I tryed to test the game and then stop, but then the game just played the scripts it was already playing twice. I foundt that the only solution was to quit roblox studio without saving and reopen it again.

also, the game seems to freeze after some secconds sometimes

This bug seems to happen everytime you testplay an animation


(This bug started for around 1-5 Days i Think)

PS if this is in the wrong category, then im sorry. Still havent learned fully wich category to use for wich post.

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You’re not meant to animate when there are scripts in your game

I think there is a warning about this when you open the animation editor

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Just reported this since it didnt occur in the game Before.

also, the example i sent is from an empty game without scripts

Also is the animation editor plugin not a standalone plugin rather than an actual studio feature in terms of bug reporting?

Its kind of a studio feature since its roblox who released it.

Actually Studio Features = functionality only in Studio. More details on feature/bug categorization can be found here. This would be a Studio Bug because the plugin is only present in Studio.

As buildthomas mentioned though, this category is not meant for bug reports (or feature requests). You should follow the link he included to post a proper bug report.

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Me and Thomas got this :+1:

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