Animation feedback

Just my daily animation, any feedback loved.


The animation is awesome.
Maybe you can make the rig more realistic.(I mean putting some fingers on)

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Ok, didn’t expect that kind of feedback but maybe would be kind of cool

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Woah…That animation is outstanding! I think it looks awesome! Keep it up. But yeah fingers will make it look more detalled. Besides that,Outstanding! Work! :innocent:

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Maybe when it grabs the ammo thingy it goes from the side of your torso because it looks likes right now it’s on your torso.

Well, in my opinion your animation is descent. Though make your animation a little bit slower, the way the animation reloads the gun is a little bit fast. I recommend you make it a little bit slower to make it realistic. In all, great job in the animation.

This is a great animation! I would say you should add a tad bit more features like a bendable arm. I would also agree with paul on slowing the animation more.