Animation for certain limb won't show

I’m trying to make a gun so whenever you equip it, it plays an animation. It works perfectly fine you can equip and unequip it and it will start/stop playing the same animation.

The only issue is, is that my hand still goes out like the animation isn’t affecting the right arm.

What it looks like:

What it should look like:

Script to play animations:

local armed = false

local armedAnim

local char


armed = true

char = tool.Parent

armedAnim = char.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Animations.Armed)


armedAnim.Looped = true



armed = false

if armedAnim ~= nil then

armedAnim.Looped = false


armedAnim = nil

char = nil



What am I doing wrong? I set the priority of the animation to Idle for those who are wondering.

Does the tool have RequiresHandle on? If so thats why, you would need to disable that or stop the arm animation.

just change the priority to movement or higher, the default tool animation priority is idle, so it would override your custom idle