Animation Freezed of Glitched

Hello everyone :

i have a problem with animation because i make a animation for a flashlight but the problem is : when i running, my animation is glitched.

Someone can help me ?

Animation when i running

Classic animation

Thank you


Put the flashlight animation’s animation priority to core, then it’ll blend with the walking animation

i modified the animation’s animation priority but the animation does not want start
i don’t know why

Basically I think your flashlight animation is overriding walking animation due to priority. Try remove all keyframes from torso and other body parts exept for hand with flashlight. Also, set your flashlight animation priority higher than walking - action.

no keyframe is assigned on torso, just on the arms
and i change the animation priority but nothing change

i found the problem but thank you

What was the problem? And fix? :blush:

the problem has been solved and my animation was glitched and i modified all easing Style keyframe and it worked

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