Animation freezes when changed

Hello, I have created a custom mounting system for my game, and it uses animations to manipulate the character and the rig.

Currently I have a horse with idle/running animations:
(gyazo gif)

Now there is no issue whatsoever, I can mount/unmount it and on the client the animations will stop properly and return to the default ones:
As you can see, my character returns to it’s normal idea after un-mounting.
The issue begins here, that the server for some reason keeps the character animation and everyone else in the server sees that.
(I switch to the server-view mid clip)

Any idea why this is happening?

I attempted 2 methods, changing the original id’s of the animate inside character, and replacing (none seemed to fix)
here is my code:

		if chr:FindFirstChild("Animate") then
			--[[chr.Animate.idle.Animation1.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://4846143435"
			chr.Animate.idle.Animation2.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://4846143435"
			chr.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://4847358458"]]
			chr.Animate.Disabled = true
			local animate = script.CustomAnimate:Clone()
			animate.Parent = chr
			animate.Disabled = false

	if chr:FindFirstChild("Animate") then -- or CustomAnimate
		--[[chr.Animate.idle.Animation1.AnimationId = ""
		chr.Animate.idle.Animation2.AnimationId = ""
		chr.Animate.walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = ""]]
		chr.CustomAnimate.Disabled = true
		chr.Animate.Disabled = false