Animation in game not playing correctly

I made a mining animation with a pickaxe tool but when I play it in game the hand positions and pickaxe orientations are not correct

what it is supposed to look like:

what it looks like in game:

I use a motor6d in the right hand with part0 set to the right hand and part1 set to the pickaxe handle
and everytime the character gets added I create the motor6d. The mining animation priority is set to Action and the idle animation priority is set to idle. Currently it seems to be some sort of animation overlapping problem but even when I adjusted the weight of the animation to 1000 it still gave these results.

EDIT: So I even made the same animation without a motor6d and it also had the same problem, at this point I am just so lost, the hand positions are just off for no reason at all.

Ok so turns out it was a Roblox issue and the project was cursed. Every animation I make inside of that project does not work but if I make the animation inside of a different project it works perfectly fine even if I then use it inside of the cursed project. So I will just make the animations in a different project.

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