Animation Issue

Heres my code below within a LocalScript in StarterCharacterScripts, there are no errors on the client when play testing.
Yes I know it looks like crap but it’s just a prototype of what I am actually working on.

local Context = game:GetService("ContextActionService")

local Humanoid = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local Animations = Humanoid.Parent.Animations

-- User doing an animation?
local AlreadyDoing = false

-- Animations
local Jump = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Jump)
local Roar = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Roar)
local Idle = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Idle)
local Attack = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Attack)
local Walk = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Walk)
local SitIdle = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations["Sit Idle"])
local Run = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Run)
local Food = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Animations.Food)

local function IdleFunc(action, state, keycode)
	if AlreadyDoing then return end
	if state == Enum.UserInputState.Begin then
		if 0 < Humanoid.Health then

Context:BindAction("Idle", IdleFunc, true, Enum.KeyCode.Z)

Add print commands to check which lines are/aren’t being executed, it may be a simple case of certain conditional checks not passing, preventing the execution of certain blocks of code.

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Sorry for the very late reply, idk why I didn’t try this but I just did and it is attempting to play the animation. Seems like an issue on the animation end.

Have you set the animation’s priority correctly? - It’s located in the animation editor

The animation’s priority is set to that of movement, however none of the animations work… The one we’re trying for is the walk animation to atleast have an animal that moves, however nothing plays.