Animation I've made!

Hey everyone! It’s Happy here, I’m very new to animating, and I looked at some tutorials, and this is the final end product of my first ever animation!

Feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!


Well, It’s kind of simple. I suggest making more! You may have some potential! You should try out the Moon Animation Plugin by @xsixx
If you try it out, feel free to message me for help.

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It’s amazing for a first animation! However, it’s not perfect, but I’m sure it will be soon enough! :wink:
To improve, I suggest you to add frames at your animation, basically adding more movement per seconds, that way it will be smoother. You should also try to make it less robotic, what I mean by that is, try to make a bit of movements in the arms and legs, which isn’t for the “real” animation. Basically, yes you need the animation, but after it, you should try (or when you create an animation) to include some movements in the character (inside your animation), since we’re always moving a bit, you can’t stand still without moving your arm or legs.


Yes I just installed it… but It’s really hard to use, could you give me some tips?

Message me here, or on discord.
bink milk#2060

its not that good, could use some easing but its pretty good for a new animator, i reccomend mixing types of easing together to create stuff with smoothness