Animation not playing correctly in-game

Hello. So I have an issue where the animation doesn’t play correctly to other people. I’m unsure of why this happens, although I have a few guesses. One of those is possibly the client not replicating to the server properly as I did Animation:AdjustSpeed(0).

Are there any ways to fix this issue?

Ur playing the anim on a single client so the other player cant see the anim.

That’s not true at all! The client has network ownership over the character so when an animation is played on its rig, it is replicated to the server other clients.

Your issue is most-likely due to a client-sided weld. I don’t really know what it could be, other than that — so poke around in the explorer on each client to see if anything is out of the norm.

I played the animation through the server and it fixed it. Thank you to anyone who responded.

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