Animation not working with tool

The tool is supposed to turn sideways since the arm moves that way, but when you equip it, it goes to what I want then fixes itself to an upright position. Some people tell me confusing methods that involves getting the whole tool model manually inserted in the tool, then weld it to the arm yourself, but I don’t want to do any of that. Thanks for any feedback.

Have u added a keyframe that puts it back to it’s origin position? Or perhaps made it go on a loop?

As always, if you don’t post your script we can’t really try to help you.

Since a tool needs to be attached to the item you want it controlled by you have to have the attachment or weld in the hand so that it moves with the animation.

It’s a regular tool, that plays the animation from the animator. It plays just fine, everything on that part is good, it’s the animation. No scripts are involved with this problem. The idle animation is looped too