Animation played Server-Side Not Playing Right On Other Clients

So I made a execute/carry/temporary ragdoll system but theres a small issue, when I throw the play off my shoulder with a animation played on the server so when I press c and the player is on my shoulder I fire a remote and throw them off with a animation and remove the weld holding them on me and then re-ragdoll them.

The probelm is that when I throw them off the animation plays fine on the client that’s throwing them off but for the other players the player throwing the player they are holding like smashes into the ground and there whole body tilts even though this is being played server-side as a priority of action?

If anyone knows what’s wrong that would be great, I think it might have something to do with network ownership but tbh I have no clue with this one since I don’t usually play animations serverside but in this case it would be a pain not to play it client-side so if anyone knows thanks.

Here’s a gyazo of it happening in studio: