Animation playing only on client

The idle, walk… animations work as intended, the problem is my “moves” that happen when pressing a key won’t show up on other clients and neither the server. Here’s how the scripts works basically :

local ShootTrack = script.Parent.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Shoot)

if key:lower() == “e” or key:upper() == “E” and not gameProcessedEvent then

I do not understand exactly what does not work here. From the video it seems like it works?

On the left screen, the shooting animation isn’t playing, you can only see the bullet going off.

This is because you are using A localscript likely to trigger it you can use A remoteevent in some sorts to get it to cross the client-server boundary so the animation plays server-sided.

I’m pretty sure animations also play from local scripts, in fact I used this method and it worked before. I just can’t find the problem this time around, but it should be playing.

Ok I understand now. Animations indeed should be replicated even from localscripts. Is it possible that the animation is not loaded yet? Can you try and shoot with both people (just to make sure the firing animation is loaded in both) and then see if it replicates?

Even shooting with both, the animation does not replicate.

I am also not very familiar with this. However, the other animations (idle, walk, etc) are played also locally? Just giving ideas…

The problem was the animation priority, it was set to core but it works fine set as action (higher priority). Thanks for helping nonetheless.