Animation playing strange on client side

Ok so I created a run animation for a custom rigged robot in my game, but turns out it doesn’t play correctly (as seen in the video, it only moves the torso part), but after ragdolling on the floor (which is something I’m gonna fix later), animation actually plays but freezes? We can see it only plays correctly on server side

anim bug video - YouTube

Here are the parts the custom rigged mech got, maybe the problem is that I’m combining R6 with R15?

I have tried grouping all the parts and playing it with an AnimationController, does the exact same thing. I’ve then tried setting the group to another parent, animation doesn’t even play and makes the robot not move.

Maybe, the solution would be to recreate the animation on a full not custom R15 model, but I’m not really sure if it’s that, and would be time consuming to completely recreate an animation

I also have to say, the animation actually does play for the client on an anchored root part, which makes it all confusing.

Ok, fixed it, what I did was grouping all the limb parts which are invisible, and cloned the rootpart, the first rootpart will stay in the zombie model, which is the HumanoidRootPart, and the second one in the limbs model, this one will be anchored because the animation only works when the main part is anchored. Then by using RunService.Heartbeat I will reposition this second rootpart on the actual HumanoidRootPart.

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