Animation plays strange

So animations started play strange.

Here how it looks in game:

And here how it looks in animation editor:


local module = {}
local hum = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local animator = hum.Animator

local anims = {
	charge = animator:LoadAnimation(script.Charge)

function module.Play(anim)

return module

I want to make it look like in animation editor but I have no idea how to.

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I had that problem too, I dont think thats a script issue. It might be an animating error that happened, try to reanimate every keyframe (rotate everything and rotate it back to the normal position) like this:

sometimes it worked when I did this but sometimes it doesnt. Sry if it doesnt work. I dont really know how module scripts work

I don’t see anything wrong, it’s completely normal

Animation in the game isn’t realy similar to one in animation editor. Its looks some sort of “weak” or overload of animations

I tried that, doesn’t work.

some random text

Had to change animations priorities to make it look normal