Animation plays without tool but doesn't play with tool

So I have this problem with my animation where for some reason it is not playing when the player has the tool equipped when I want it to happen. Is there something special I have to do so it is just attached to the hand or can it just not play when a tool is equipped?

Just used this simple script for testing:

		local anim = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Animation)

Some things I should point out, that hopefully fix it:

  1. Check if the animation priority is set to Action
  2. Load the animation on the Humanoid at the start of script itself, not when the person clicks it. On click just need to play that loaded track

One more that I don’t think has anything to do, but i use this. Use .Activated event on tool instead of creating a mouse.Button1Down Connection. Inside of it play the animation.

Can’t believe I forgot to set it to Action. Thanks. I totally forgot about that.

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