Animation problem, bent arm when not supposed to

I’ve made an animation, which is supposed to hold a gun in cetain way. But when I apply it in game the LowerArm bends upwards. I’m really new to animation, so I have very little knowledge about it. I’ve also set the animation priority to Action.

Skjermbilde 2021-06-26 180428

turns into this

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The arm is probably bent because of the idle animation. Make sure the keys for the arm set to make your arm straight as the type of animation you have set it to doesn’t seem to be overriding what the arm is doing besides keeping it up.

I thought this too, but I did set a keyframe in every limb. Still doesn’t seem to be working

I believe this is a bug. I have this aswell in my game, no idea where it is coming from.

can you show the full array of keyframes in your animator?