Animation question!

I got a question!

What i’m trying to do;

Without the animation being looped, and animation priority as action, how to get stuck until I stop animation on 2nd keyframe?
It’s what I’m looking for :smiley:

No. It will immediately stop the animation once it reaches the end of it.

Is there a way to make it get stuck in 2nd keyframe?
Because using 2 animations and using wait() like
Play unholster anim wait(.5) play equipped animation

If you spam it will get broke, so is it possible to achieve this? with one animation?

It’s only possible with 2 animations. If you want to get past that problem, you could try to call :Stop() on both animations and play them again when you unequip/equip it.

It’s also recommended for you to not use wait(n) and instead use the AnimationTrack’s built-in .Stopped event.

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