Animation replicating to clients, but not server?

I’ve been trying to make a stand lately, and I’ve had some good success so far, but this one really has stumped me. Currently, I’m trying to make a heavy punch attack, and I’m using Raycast Hitboxes, and noticed that it was going off of my character’s arm, instead of my stand’s. I checked on the server, and it turns out that the Animation wasn’t replicating to the server, but was to every other client.

I’ve looked on the Devforum, but really can’t find anything.

Here is a video of what happens:

Any and all help is appreciated!


Unless you need to use the animation to cast hitboxes, I don’t see a reason why you need it replicated on the server. Should be just fine if everyone can see the animations, you can just cast the hitboxes on the server :slightly_smiling_face:.

I fixed it, turns out its some sort of bug (might be intended behavior, not sure though) with JointInstances.

They seem to not update on the server when an animation is played. I was using a Motor6D to connect the player and stand together, and after disabling and enabling the Motor6D after an animation is played on the stand, it replicates to server. I tested it with Motor, Motor6D and WeldConstraint as of right now, and they all have the issue of not updating.