Animation Replication Issue

I’ve been working on a project and upon doing a few testing with some friends, I’ve noticed that when it comes to one of them their animations don’t seem to be visible by others. I tried looking at previous discussions about this issue, others had problems with this as well but I have yet to find an actual solution. The issue seems to happen with only that one individual weirdly enough where the animation plays for a second and just stops despite it being a loop.

This is footage of the friend I’m describing above using the skill, he’s able to see the animation but others are not

Here’s another friend doing the same skill but it all works well for him.

This issue seems to happen randomly as well with animations that are the same across different skills.

--Here's the code for the animation
local anim = c.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(tool:WaitForChild("anim"))
anim.Name = "flightanim"
--After the tool is done being held, I stop the looped animation
for i, track in pairs (c.Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) do
  if track.Name == "flightanim" then


Have you switched games? Because if you have, animations dont save over different games’s creators. If you have dev permissions in a group that the animation is under, you’ll be able to see the animation. But no one else will be. And you can only see it in studio.


If you have dev permissions in the group your animation is under, save it to the new game’s group. Or save it to your animations, that way, the animation will work on your games/the games the group is under.

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They’re my animations that were created and uploaded by me to my self owned group. That doesn’t seem to be the issue, it’s like the animation shows for a second and then stops playing before the key is released.

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Then make sure ur animation is “Action” or “Movement” not idle. read more here

Lemme know if this helps :slight_smile:

I know how to use animations, the problem doesn’t seem to be on my part. I’ve read articles of people having similar problems and am now experiencing said problems. Yes, the animations are set to action, not idle.