Animation replication trouble

Not entirely sure what category this should be in, but I figure scripting makes the most sense.

Take a look at his hand near the neck of the guitar.



Does anyone know why this happens? This isn’t 100% consistent either. Sometimes his hand is in the expected position on the client.

Disabling idle animations still makes this occur. My best guess is that it’s something to do with the fact he’s holding a gear.

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Could you show your code of how you’re positioning the guitar or show the actual animation? Also, are you using a server script or a local script? (or both?)

Guitar positioning is the default tool hold (no script) plus running a hold animation.

Animation is handled serverside.


So you’re positioning it like a normal tool (Essentially just in the right arm or in the left arm?)
Also, could we see your animation (The actual animation that was made, including the “explorer” menu for the animation) and how its positioned in the arm without the animation?)

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Animation priority is Idle.

It seems to me that the ServerSided one has the arms extending out like a normal tool (Basically how a player holds its) then you have the other arm under the neck of the guitar. I’m going to guess that you want the ClientSide to look exactly like the ServerSide since the ClientSide looks like your animation the most.

The client side has the right arm more down for holding the tool which fits more in line with your animation while the server side has the right arm extended straight out like how a normal npc/humanoid would hold a tool.

You’ll have to somehow make it to where the serverside humanoid is holding the tool correctly or you have an animation/script inside the humanoid thats contradicting with the animation of yours since your animation priorty is “idle” while when usually holding a tool (Correct me If I’m wrong) is the “Action” or “Movement” Priority. You can probably fix this by changing the priority to action though I don’t really know if you want to do that or not.

Which leads to my next question, what scripts do you have inside your npc other than the animation script part that you showed me above?


No other scripts that adjust animation.

I’m going to fiddle around with the priority, as this seems to be the right track.

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