Animation scaling

Is there currently any way to add scaling for animations.

I have noticed “ScaleDampeningPercent” under the default Animate script, but I can’t seem to find
anything that describes what this does.

Not sure if it has anything to do with animation scaling or not.

However, considering we can not access the individual poses for a loaded animation, I thought perhaps there is some other way to scale an animation depending on if the character is scaled.

(by scale animation, I mean the x,y,z of the pose’s cframe, that is applied to the motor6d’s)

I even had the thought, of having the ‘animation save’ (the tree of poses and keyframes) from the animation studio, be manually parsed in a live game and apply the shifts and rotations to the motor6d’s but I am not sure if that would carry a lot of overhead, and not sure if the changes to motor6d positions would replicate.

Thanks for any help