Animation Script Not Working

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on a Fishing Rod system and, it worked in my test place, but, all of a sudden when I import it into a game, it’s not working?

Here’s my script:

script.Parent.Values.AbleToThrow.Value = true
	if game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(script.Parent.Parent) then
		if script.Parent.Values.AbleToThrow.Value == true then
			--now, to add some function to this Fishing Rod.--
			local h = script.Parent.Parent:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
			local animTrack = h:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Throw)
			script.Parent.Values.AbleToThrow.Value = false
		elseif script.Parent.Values.AbleToThrow.Value == false then
			if script.Parent.Values.UnAvailableClicks.Value ~= 10 then
				print("Player has clicked the fishing rod again.")
				script.Parent.Values.UnAvailableClicks.Value = script.Parent.Values.UnAvailableClicks.Value + 1
			elseif script.Parent.Values.UnAvailableClicks.Value == 10 then
				game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(script.Parent.Parent):Kick("Kicked for unexpected client behaviour.  (Possible autoclicker)")
		warn("not available to activate, Fishing Rod is being destroyed in 5 seconds.")

And a GIF clip of my Test Place:

Finally, my main map (where it was imported):

Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!

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It looks like you made the animation in R15, but you are using it with R6.

As far as I know, there is no way to use an animation for R15 avatars for R6 avatars.

You could either make a new animation for R6, or change the place to an R15 game.

If you want to have animations for both r15 and r6, you can create two animations which is one for r15 of course and one for r6. When the player joins the game, check their humanoid to see if they’re r15 or r6. If they’re r15, load the r15 animation, if r6, load the r6 animation as intended.

Your animation isn’t playing since you’re using r6. If you wish to use r15 for your game. Go to game settings, go to avatar, then change the body type.

Thanks so much! Seemed obvious, lol